The Greenways

Photo credit: Wesley Aldridge

Greenways are developed by communities throughout the world to make cities more desirable for work and play. They offer recreational opportunities by providing safe, accessible routes for walking, running, bicycling and other forms of exercise. They also allow people to enjoy increasingly hard-to-find natural areas close to home.

The greenways of Nashville offer tangible quality-of-life amenities that residents enjoy and appreciate and are also good for the environment. They preserve riparian zones (i.e., wetlands and riverbanks), they help to clean our water and air through the conservation of sensitive areas such as flood plains and forests.


  • give hundreds of thousands of people in Nashville opportunities for walking, running, bicycling, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.
  • improve property values of adjacent properties by 6 to 30%. 
  • offer healthy attractions for people.
  • enhance our local transportation system by providing  bike lanes and routes that give residents and visitors ways to get around town without relying on cars. 
  • make Nashville more competitive from an economic standpoint.

Nashville's greenways play a valuable and cost-efficient role in maintaining and improving the community's quality of life and promoting our city’s economic development. They enable us to balance the growth of our community with the protection of irreplaceable natural resources.